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In 1971, Rabbi Yehuda Assaf founded the Maimonides Research Institute in loving memory of his late father, Rabbi David Assaf founder of the Haifa Maimonides Institute, blessed memory. Rabbi David Assaf was an eminent Torah scholar who devoted his life to studying the works of Maimonides and began the monumental and historic task of publishing the Maimonides Concordance. Presently, dozens of volumes have been completed. Since its inception, the Institute has superbly fulfilled its noble mission through offering diverse and far reaching programs related to the works of Maimonides. Situated atop the Carmel mountain range in Haifa, it has evolved into a major landmark in the Galil, as well as an academic fountainhead of world renown. These efforts impact on the lives of contemporary Jewry throughout the world. 



President - Rabbi Yehuda Assaf

American Committee Chairman - Norman Weisfeld

Honorary Chairman - Sidney Peerless, M.D.*

Development Committee Chairman - Dr. Aron From

European Committee Chairman - Clement Vaturi

Medical Board Chairman- Aron Feingold, M.D. - Fred Rosner, M.D

Honorary Chairman - Henry J. Heimlich, M.D. - Rabbi Eli Abadie, M.D.

Uriel Barzel, M.D. - Jay M. Holder, M.D.

Dean - Israel - Rabbi Dovid Assaf

Rosh HaKollel - Rabbi Azriel Gradnovitch



3-7 Harav David Assaf Street, Haifa, Israel 31090


Maimonides Research Institute

1866 55th St • Brooklyn, NY 11204

Phone: 212-366-9020


Rabbi Yehuda Assaf

Help reinstate the original Maimonides Institute to its due glory and status!

Maimonides / Ramba"m


 Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon, known as the Rambam or Maimonides (March 30, 1135 Córdoba, Spain – December 13, 1204 Fostat, Egypt), was a rabbi, physician, and philosopher in Andalusia, Morocco and Egypt during the Middle Ages. He was one of the select medieval Jewish philosophers who also influenced the non-Jewish world. Although his copious works on Jewish law and ethics were initially met with opposition during his lifetime, he was posthumously acknowledged to be one of the foremost rabbinical arbiters and philosophers in Jewish history. Today, his works and his views are considered a cornerstone of Jewish thought and study. 

Remarkably, Maimonides provided the world with the first in-depth analysis of all aspects of medicine, most of which are as relevant today as they were then. As a physician and medical authority, Maimonides, who for many years was Court Physician to the Sultan of Egypt, wrote 17 volumes on various diseases and how to treat them. In 1972, Rabbi Yehuda Assaf, son of Rabbi David Assaf, a brilliant scholar and researcher on the works of Maimonides founded the Maimonides Research Institute for the purpose of locating the works of Maimonides and subsequently for the first time publishing many of these manuscripts. The organization with its magnificent research center in Haifa, Israel became the central address for all research on Maimonides. Through a multi-faceted program, the Institute has become the major research and publishing center of the teachings of the Rambam.

Maimonides / Ramba"m

the official paper of registration of the association THE MAIMONIDE RESEARCH INSTITUTE (FRANCE).


Ramba"m Institute Haifa

Rabbi David Assaf, a Talmudic scholar who lived in Haifa soon after Israel achieved its independence, began the task of compiling a Concordance of the Mishneh Torah of Maimonides, a monumental work which codified the rabbinic and biblical law that had been handed down orally from generation to generation more than one thousand years after the destruction of the Second Temple in Jerusalem. At his death he had completed only the first Concordance, which at its completion will contain 15 volumes. 12 volumes have been published to date. 


The need for a permanent museum and library to house the extensive writings of Maimonides and to make them available to scholars everywhere soon became evident to Rabbi Yehuda Assaf, son of Rabbi David Assaf, and to others who pressed him to continue his father’s unfinished work. He dedicated himself to this awesome task with the support and encouragement of scholars, students, libraries and museums in many countries, as well as the government of Israel and the municipality of Haifa. 


Thus the Maimonides Research Institute was born. For the first time a group of scholars were assigned the task of deciphering the manuscripts of Maimonides to prepare them for study by laymen as well as scholars around the world. Since its inception in 1972, the Institute has emerged as the world center for research, study and publication of all the work of Maimonides. Today, in a modern building that graces the skyline of Haifa, on top of Mount Carmel, this intensive research effort continues. 

The Institute’s multi-faceted program makes it a unique institution for the study of biblical law, written and oral, and its interpretation in the commentaries of Maimonides. Scientific discovery, innovation and new knowledge are the treasures to be found in the writings of Maimonides. Thanks to the Institute, the brilliant scholarly vision of one of the greatest intellects in history continues to spread light and learning around the world. 


Ramba"m Housing Haifa

The funds will also be used to pay the final balance of the Israel Maimonides Research Institute and its housing atop the CARMEL mountain.

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Rambam 10

Visit to R' Chaim Kanievsky, at this event Rabbi Assaf presented the thirteenth volume of the Concordance which was donated by the Feinberg families of Atlanta, Georgia and Netania, Israel to Rabbi Kanievsky (5 tammuz 5776 / 7/11/2016)

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