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The restoration and expansion of the original Maimonides Research Institute in Haifa, to meet todays' needs. 

In a bold initiative, Maimonides Research Institute is now developing a fund to establish the Maimonides Museum Research Institute in Los Angeles alongside a Maimonides Medical Award. Maimonides Medical Prize is a way of giving recognition to some of the outstanding accomplishments in medicine in the spirit of the practice of Maimonides medicine both in Israel and future Maimonides Institute in the U.S. The Institute plans to make this prize, the first such recognition under Jewish auspices, a coveted international prize with far-reaching benefits to medicine and medical research. In these pages, Maimonides Research Institute reviews its background and history, its proposal for the Maimonides Medical Prize, and the major opportunities for a strategic partner that will join in this remarkable venture. The restoration project would also include the establishment of a new building to host groups of Doctors from around the world for special seminars and conferences. 


Help reinstate the original Maimonides Institute to its due glory and status!


Maimonides Research Institute 

Bait Midrash & Kollel - Its mission is to shape, enrich and inspire the contemporary Jewish community as the central study halls of our yeshivas and independent kollels. Both institutions of Torah study promoting community outreach programs and Jewish studies. Among them are Torah Tours (worldwide), Service Learning trips, Summer Kollels, Counterpoint, Childern Summer Camps, Beit Midrash, the Jewish Jobs Fair and Avodat Hakodesh We will be utilizing our students and faculty to create a publishing house with in the spectrum of religious, medical and related books. This will supplement their year income and help support their families. There are thousands of writers, Rabbis, faculty, and others who are in desperate need publishing their work and books. We can provide a turn-key operation to all related printing services, to include: editing, research, design, set-up, printing, distribution and more. We will also have a daily “Daf Yomi” and tutoring service, classes and teaching (some fee based).

Museum & Galleries - We can obtain revenues and earned income from several major sources, philanthropic contributions from private and institutional donors, investments, endowments, and direct government subsidies. Earned income — composed of program service revenues of ticket sales, admissions, subscriptions, program ads, digital and conventional advertising, sponsorship, gift shop sales, mechanizing, licensing, along with investment income and dues. The museum will rents space for “gallery nights”, “night at the museum” programs, School’s events, screenings, film location, as well as special corporate art event. This will allow for future generations the divine insight to Maimonides past, present and future. The enactment of these projects will be of great benefit to the Institute, worldwide visitors, patrons, their host cities, global communities and Judaism. These institutes bring worldwide acclaim as the primary promulgator of the Torah and medical writings of Maimonides. 

Medical research center - There are several options to create revenue streams with the center. We can offer Custom publishing, this could include anything from medical studies, data, research, thesis to a local professor's textbook. Selling intellectual property: as our own firm, we can help schools set up patents for their discoveries and also help them find private companies willing to buy or finance them. Provide research for local businesses: Through our on-campus staff and laboratory. We can provide Analytical Research, Chemical analysis and other research projects for area businesses and healthcare providers. Businesses paid a fee for students to conduct company research using state-of-the-art equipment and techniques, we can be their source. Internet business: Create a private website hosted on our server and sell advertising on it. The advertisers must provide a service to the local students communities and/or generate some income to the center. Online bookstore: We can create a bookstore sells textbooks (to meet local faculty), along with everything from clothes to computers. The bookstore's online sales have increased 10 to 12 percent annually. We can provide Specialized classes on two - to four-week programs for international (and national) students who improve their skills and learn about American culture before committing to a long-term program.

Library & Retail Space - Grant Opportunities, every year millions of dollars in foundation grants are awarded to libraries. Not only are grants a good way to secure funding for our library, they also offer encouragement to create programs that connect our library with the community, schools, institutions while provide important information science research, history, education and recruit new librarians to the profession. We will apply for grants and innovative ideas for funding library collections. Some ideas will include opening a gift shop in the library for marketing and sponsorship. For example, our library can form “Friends of the Library” membership groups. Patron memberships not only ensure libraries of a relatively stable and predictable source of funds that increases as the customer base increases, they also provide a donor pool that can be used to identify prospects for larger gifts and bequests. Another way to raise money, is by Plural Funding Projects, is to host themed events, such as cultural or sports-related festivities or celebrations of the anniversaries of landmark achievements, holidays, and history. We will create a Web site that provides a wealth of practical advice for diversifying our library’s revenue streams. We will offers day camps, day care, teaching and educational programs, and food service. The retail space will be leased and we will create a shared revenues programs with operating partners. By reaching out to the community, we will be able to provide many new services that would not be possible without vision and creative ideas. Knowing the demographics of our area we can will help develop outreach programs for our citizens and our neighboring countries for our library. 


Event Hall with Restaurant - Our event center will provide space, show management services, catering and full range of related services, such as weddings, Bar/Bat Miztvah, exhibitions, Conferences, events, debates, panels, speeches and other news- making opportunities. Events are a proven way to diversify revenue that, if done right, are significantly than other revenue models. They deepen connections with our communities, audiences and sponsors. They reinforce multiple values of a publishing our brand. The event center will host our Maimonides Medical Prize gala and ceremonies. We will have a Kosher catering, yet we will provide catering to many other coulters and communities. Meetings and events business represents large opportunities to generate revenues through the trade-show marketplace and hotels. We will create Jewish holidays programs partnering with local hotels. 

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