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The Annual Maimonides Medical Award

Maimonides Medical Award

The members of the Medical Board of the Institute include internationally- acclaimed doctors.  Honorary chairman Dr. Henry Heimlich is credited with saving millions of lives through his renowned Heimlich Maneuver.  Chairman of the board is Dr. Aaron Feingold, renowned cardiologist from New Jersey. 


Dr. Fred Rosner, a member of the board, has been active within the Institute for tens of years.  He has published many medical books, including several on Maimonides.  His most recent publication is a translation of the renowned halachic and medical responsa of Rabbi Yitzchak Zilberstein.  In honor of his eightieth birthday, the Institute published "In the Pathways of Maimonides," a collection of essays written by tens of world-renowned doctors.  A ceremony was recently held at the Ministry of Health in Jerusalem, with the participation of doctors from Israel, Europe, and the U.S.  All expressed their admiration for Dr. rosner's contributions to medicine and halacha, especially as pertaining to Maimonides.

The Maimonides Research Institute in New York will award The Maimonides Medical Award Prize. As opposed to the Nobel Prize and others, the Maimonides Prize will be awarded to doctors from every country, who will then be encouraged to participate in our international conferences which will further promote the path of Maimonides, creating an atmosphere of dedicated healing through largesse of heart and soul. Ultimately, the prize will bring about a great Kiddush Hashem, the sanctity of G-d in the world and stimulate the safeguarding of health on a worldwide scale - exactly in the way that Maimonides interpreted it. Aside for their outstanding medical knowledge and/or contributions, recipients will be persons of exceptional character, integrity and largesse. The restoration project would also include the establishment of a new building to host groups of Doctors from around the world for special seminars and conferences. 


The Maimonides Medical Prize

The proposed Maimonides Medical Prize is a prestigious annual award to be presented to medical professionals (i.e. physicians, researchers etc.) who have both contributed significantly to the advancement of worldwide medicine, and who specifically excel in character and humanity, as per the Doctor’s Prayer of the Rambam.


The Prize will develop a life of its own with some of these features:

Prestigious selection committee of physicians Valuable craft as the “trophy” for the award Specially selected venue for the presentation of the Prize.


Intensive Public Relations program to promote value of prize.

Scheduling of events and seminars to promote medical findings related to prize.

Linkages to the life and teachings of Maimonides.

Publication of seven books of Maimonides on medicine.

A monetary award to winners. 

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Rambam 10

A distinguished ceremony took place at the bureau of the Israeli Minister of Health Rabbi Yaakov Litzman. At the ceremony, a special memorial book "In the Pathways of Maimonides" was presented to Dr. Fred Rosner (standing), one of the greatest names U.S medicine.

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